Ds Team der MINE Feuerfest

Individual solutions.

Ds Team der MINE Feuerfest

Individual solutions.

We know the end application.

Mine Feuerfest has a profound scientific experience in the fields of ceramics, refractories and steel.

Years of practical experience in R&D in large international refractories and raw materials companies make us a reliable partner, regardless of whether the raw materials are primary or secondary.

Our team helps manufacturers of processed and unprocessed raw materials to place their products on the market.

MINE Feuerfest has a large network worldwide; we help you in the technical area, where the businessman alone can’t cope anymore: individually and where an added value is necessary.


“Bad” raw materials are outside the known specifications in certain applications. We at MINE Feuerfest accompany and support you in the adaptation of the raw materials or the development of an alternative application.

We at MINE Feuerfest have a large know-how in the raw material processing in different industries.

We would be pleased to assist you in the selection of the processing method, taking into account the economic efficiency of the processes.

Mine Feuerfest has a large international network. In addition to the technical and commercial introduction, the logistical and administrative handling from the introduction to the day-to-day business is also a core competence.